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Guest Editorial: 'Vers la révision du système conventionnel de contrôle des droits de l'homme' by Jorge Cardona
Guest Editorial: 'The Exercise of the Secondary Responsibility to Protect by the UN Security Council in the 2011 Libyan Crisis' by Hanspeter Neuhold
Guest Editorial: 'International Law in the Age of Adjudication' by Christopher Greenwood
Guest Editorial: 'Les résolutions 1973 et 1975 (2011) du Conseil de Sécurité: une mutation tranquille' by Alain Pellet
Guest Editorial: 'Advisory Opinions as a Means to Contribute to the Settlement of International Disputes' by Rüdiger Wolfrum
Guest Editorial: 'Human Rights Before the International Court of Justice' by Bruno Simma
Guest Editorial: 'ESIL and the Creation of a European Law Institute?' by Francesco Francioni
Guest Editorial: 'International Constitutionalization: A Research Agenda' by Geir Ulfstein
Guest Editorial: 'Shrinking Universal Jurisdiction' by Carlos Espósito
Guest Editorial : 'Le rapport de la Mission d'enquête internationale et indépendante sur le conflit en Géorgie' by Olivier Corten