MILE Profile

Olga Martin-Ortega
University of Greenwich (UK)
Interest Group Membership: 
International Business and Human Rights
Peace and Security
Current Research: 
Her current research in international criminal justice explores the prosecution of international crimes at national level. Her latest research has extensively analysed the role of the War Crimes Chamber and entity courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina in such prosecutions. This work was funded by the British Academy and has recently been published as "Prosecuting war crimes at home: lessons from the War Crimes Chamber in the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina", International Criminal Law Review vol. 12, 2012, pp. 589–628 . She is also working on the developing regulatory framework for conflict minerals, with particular focus on minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the concept of corporate human rights due diligence.
Olga Martin-Ortega holds a Law degree from the University of Sevilla (Spain) and received her PhD cum laude in International Human Rights Law at the University of Jaen (Spain) in 2006. Her PhD dissertation was on “Multinational Enterprises and Human Rights in Public International Law”. She is currently Reader in Public International Law at the School of Law, University of Greenwich (UK). Prior to joining Greenwich she was Senior Research Fellow at the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict, School of Law and Social Sciences, University of East London. She was a member of the Management Team of the Centre from 2010 to 2012. Before joining the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict she was a lecturer in European Law at Napier University, Edinburgh, and Public International Law and Human Rights in Jaen. She conducts research in the areas of business and human rights, post-conflict reconstruction and transitional justice. Her latest research has focused on the impact of the activities and working methods of multinational enterprises in conflict zones, peacebuilding and transitional justice. Among her publications are: the monograph Empresas Multinacionales y Derechos Humanos (Bosch 2008); the co-edited volumes Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice on the Ground: Victims and Ex-Combatants (Routledge, 2012, with Chandra Sriram, Jemima Garcia-Godos and Johanna Herman), Peacebuilding and the Rule of Law in Africa (Routldege, 2011, with Chandra Sriram and Johanna Herman); Surviving Field Research (Routledge, 2009, with Julie Mertus, Chandra Sriram, John King and Johanna Herman) and the textbooks International Law (Sweet and Maxwell, 2009, with Rebecca M.M. Wallace) and War, Conflict and Human Rights (Routledge, 2010, with Chandra Sriram and Johanna Herman). She is currently member of the board of the ESIL interest group Business and Human Rights.