The Globalité Colloquiums is an academic workshop series organized by Internationalism under the Jurisprudential Entrepreneurship Project. Our team at Internationalism believes in academic innovation and skill development in the field of legal research. To encourage an accessible and feasible form of research and development activities in law and international affairs, we intend to organize colloquiums with relevant stakeholders who are currently involved with the field of legal and social science education, i.e., academic institutions, research centres, legal think-tanks, bar associations, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders.

In the Colloquiums, we intend to invite students, scholars and professionals to present and discuss their research ideas in various fields of international law and relations via their research proposals. There are two methods which we propose to implement.

We are opening a due call for abstracts and papers for students, professionals and academics interested in the field of law and social sciences.

The themes of the Colloquiums are provided as follows:

  • Whether Constitutional Morality can be upheld by Courts?
  • Can Direct Democracy be a better alternative to Indirect Democracy?



Deadline for submissions: 20 March 2020