ESIL IGs International Conference: « Health and the Environment in International Law: Actors, Norms and Responsibilities »

Heidelberg, 17-18 October 2018

Co-organizers: Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg; ESIL Interest Group on International Health Law; ESIL Interest Group on International Environmental Law; Jean Monnet Chair in European Health, Environmental and Food Safety Law

The conference will address the legal aspects of the intersections between health and the environment with regard to climate change, biodiversity, pollution of air and water, and natural disasters. Special focus will be put on contemporary challenges to international law under the following interconnected topics:
✓ effects of climate change as a leading environmental determinant of health; climate change and the right to health; the Paris Agreement, and SDGs 3 and 13;
✓ biodiversity and human health, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and sharing of pathogens under the Nagoya Protocol;
✓ right to water, water management and control of waterborne diseases (with particular regard to the UNECE Protocol on Water and Health), quality of air and control of airborne diseases, pollution-reduction strategies, right to a healthy environment, food security, food safety, SDGs 2, 6 and 11; and
✓ natural disasters and weather-related disasters, emergency preparedness and response, intersections between health law-environmental law-disaster law.


As indicated on the programme, please send an email in advance to confirm your interest in attending this conference.