• Sanctioning Qatar Continued: The United Arab Emirates is brought before the ICJ juin 22, 2018
    On 11 June, Qatar initiated proceedings (“Application”) against the United Arab Emirates (“the UAE”) at the International Court of Justice under the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) and requested provisional measures. This step is yet another episode in the diplomatic standoff that took the world by surprise last yearRead […]
    Alexandra Hofer
  • Parliaments as Human Rights Actors – Proposed Standards from the UN juin 21, 2018
    On 13 June 2018, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released its report on the Contribution of parliaments to the work of the Human Rights Council and its universal periodic review, which will be discussed at the Human Rights Council session starting 18 June. The report includes a welcome proposalRead […]
    Philippa Webb
  • Will the Global Compact on Refugees Address the Gap in International Refugee Law Concerning Burden Sharing? juin 20, 2018
    Introduction There are 65.6 million forcibly displaced persons including over 22.5 million refugees in the world. According to UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 10 states are hosting more than 60% of the world’s refugees while 10 states are providing 93% of UNHCR’s budget and three states are accounting for 90% of refugee resettlement. The number ofRead […]
    Meltem Ineli-Ciger
  • First and Second Degree Genocide? Considering a Case for Bifurcation of the Law juin 19, 2018
    At its inception, the crime of genocide, which broadly concerns criminal conduct targeted at a group, was generally seen as somehow more culpable or aggravated than international crimes targeted at an individual. Critical opposition to that view exists (See Milanović on the Karadžić and Mladić Trial Chamber judgments). Contemporary application, however, of the law continuesRead […]
    Aarif Abraham
  • The Settlement Agreement between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia juin 18, 2018
    On 12 June, Athens and Skopje announced that they have reached an agreement to resolve a dispute over the former Yugoslav Republic’s name that has troubled relations between the two states for decades. The agreement was signed at Prespes Lake, a lake at the border of Albania, Greece, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,Read […]
    Anna Ventouratou
  • Announcements: CfP Canadian Journal of Development Studies on Law, Governance and Development; CfS International Law and Conflict at Sea juin 17, 2018
    1. Call for Papers: Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies on Law, Governance and Development: Critical and Heterodox Approaches. The myriad legal and policy instruments in the governance of development have shifted and evolved in significant ways in recent years, posing challenges to scholars, policy-makers and practitioners on how to effectively map, analyseRead […]
    Mary Guest
  • Here Comes the Name Again: Treaty Making at the Epicenter of the Greek Debate over the agreement with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia juin 16, 2018
    This week, the Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia reached agreement over the long running dispute regarding the name of the latter. After independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the former Yugoslav Republic continued to use the name it had used as an entity withinRead […]
    Antonios Tzanakopoulos
  • Commanders’ Motivations in Bemba juin 15, 2018
    Introduction No doubt there is much to be written about Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo’s acquittal by the Appeals Chamber – on its implications for the ICC, for politics in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and for the standard of review in future appeals. In this post, I will focus on a single issue addressed byRead […]
    Miles Jackson
  • The Aquarius incident: navigating the turbulent waters of international law juin 14, 2018
    Between Saturday 9 June and Sunday 10 June, 629 migrants were rescued from overcrowded boats in the Central Mediterranean in search and rescue (SAR) operations carried out by NGOs and the Italian navy. They were taken on board by the Aquarius, a rescue vessel operated by the German NGO SOS Méditerranée and flying the flagRead […]
    Melanie Fink
  • In Bemba and Beyond, Crimes Adjudged to Commit Themselves juin 13, 2018
    And now, it seems, we must fear to endure crimes adjudged to have no cognizable author – crimes that everyone knows occurred, but that escape the assignment of responsibility that is supposed to be an essential function of international criminal justice. Crimes adjudged, as one commentator lamented, to have committed themselves. Provoking these dire sentimentsRead […]
    Diane Marie Amann