The 14th Annual Conference of the Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law will take place on Saturday 8 July 2023 at Yokohama National University.

Conference Theme:
Towards a multi-dimensional enhancement of a sustainable business environment in Asia

Further economic integration in the Asian region requires a holistic perspective to create a sustainable ecosystem coupled with the corresponding development of schemes for, inter alia, environmental protection and human rights protection in the region. Sustainable development linked with “trade and environment” issues is one of these, as we discussed at the 2022 Annual Conference. Concerns over cross-cutting legal issues that involve the tensions between environmental protection and human rights or between trade liberalization and human rights are growing. Specific issues already raised in this region include social and environmental risks of de-carbonization, the impact of fishery subsidies regulation on the trade and fisheries industry, opening labor markets and their human rights protection impact, transparency of standards/procedures for human rights due diligence, range of legal protection of indigenous peoples’ IPRs, climate change litigations, and ecolabelling systems’ effectiveness. At the 2023 Annual Conference, we convene to share research outcomes from diverse fields of international law to address such cross-cutting legal issues in Asia, facilitate cross-sectoral discussions and collaboration, solve specific issues and develop a long-term sustainable future framework.

Further details on the programme and on registration are available here