The Academy of European Law (AEL) holds two summer courses each year, on Human Rights Law and the Law of the European Union.
The two summer courses – featuring distinguished lectures, a general course, and a series of specialized courses – are open to advanced students of law or related fields, academics, lawyers, and practitioners.
The Human Rights Law course will explore the challenges between human rights and the digital age, and comprises a General Course on ‘Can Human Rights Survive the Digital Age’ by Philip Alston and Christiaan Van Veen, and a Distinguished Lecture by Christine Chinkin.
The Law of the European Union course will focus on contract law in the EU, and comprises a General Course on ‘Contract Law and Justice in the European Union’ by Martijn W. Hesselink, and a Distinguished Lecture by Gerard Hogan.
The 2019 summer courses will be held at the European University Institute in Florence on the following dates:
– Human Rights Law: 17 – 28 June 2019
– The Law of the European Union: 1 – 12 July 2019
The programmes are available online and the call for applications is open.
Deadline for applicants: 12 April 2019. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. Apply now for an early decision.