The OSCE Presence in Albania is implementing the project on “Building capacities of Albanian institutions and professionals in the field of Transitional Justice”.

The Project will focus on four main interlinked components:

  1. the development of the structure and curricula for the Master’s Programme at the University of Tirana,
  2. building capacities of the academic staff of the University of Tirana to teach transitional justice topics
  3. supporting the roll out of the first two-year Master’s course
  4. offering academic conferences, workshops and seminars, as well as equip with resources (books, journal subscription, publication of researches) to further deepen the knowledge related to transitional justice among the academia, civil society, and general public.


In the framework of the component 4, the OSCE Presence in Albania in cooperation with the Centre for Justice and Transformation of the University of Tirana has issued a call for papers for the 2021 Transitional Justice Conference on the theme: “Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances in dictatorship and authoritarian past and contemporary settings: a social, legal and historical appraisal of transitional and transformation polices and mechanisms”.

The call is published in the following link:

Deadline for submissions: EXTENDED – 9 August 2021