The Association internationale de droit économique (AIDE), the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the University of Liège and the UCLouvain invite you to participate in a conference to be held in Brussels (or online) on 26 November 2021, to discuss the place of emerging countries in the major world balances.

During the conference of 24 October 2019 we identified elements of the notion of emerging countries and noted that they are looking for ways to rebalance power on the international scene. Research must be continued to determine whether their influence in many areas leads to a restructuring of international relations. After exploring international economic law in a comprehensive way, the aim is to examine in detail the positions of emerging countries on economic, political and legal issues: trade, capital flows, competition, defence autonomy, regional or global leadership, innovation and intellectual property, energy and climate, and the functioning of international organisations. The conference is therefore intended to be multidisciplinary.

This second conference is organised by Leïla Choukroune, Henri Culot, Hocine Sadok, Hélène Tourard and Philippe Vincent.

Deadline for submissions: 19 April 2021