The Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Black Sea and Mediterranean Studies announces its first international conference about mass migration and people on the move, which will be held in Thessaloniki on May 2020.
The two-day conference will comprise different sessions throughout each day, and also plenary discussions, preferably of an interdisciplinary nature. We propose to focus on subject matters of practical significance, without however compromising theory production and discussion. Indicatively, the thematic categories of the conference, which could break down into two or three specific agorae for each thematic, could include the following:
a.) Revisiting semantics, terms, notions, and theories
b.) Current causes of mass population movements
c.) Consequences of current mass population movements for countries of origin
d.) Consequences for receiving regions
e.) “Crisis narratives”, their political impact, and the role of journalism
f.) Legal management of migratory movements
g.) Long- term strategies and policies on migration
How do we foresee the future of societies at either of the two ends of migration and refugee movements? What policies and institutions are required in order to plan long- term strategies of inclusion and how will they look like? What will be the impact in cities, in labor, in education, in social institutions etc.?
Depending on responses to our call for papers, the specific agorae will be determined.