In the context of ESIL’s annual meeting to take place in Stockholm in September 2021, the Interest Group on the International Law of Culture is organising a workshop on ‘Methodology of Teaching, Researching and Practising International Law of Culture: Good Practices and Lessons Learned’. The workshop will be held on 8 September 2021.
The aim of this workshop is to explore, identify and debate the methodological underpinnings and challenges faced by academics and practitioners in the field of the International Law of Culture (ILC) in their professional activity. We seek to share experiences and good practices related to the choice of proper methodology, as well as the difficulties that we experience but are usually too afraid to admit. The 2021 ESIL Annual Conference (9-11 September 2021) in Stockholm – entitled Changes in International Lawmaking: Actors, Processes, Impact – offers a fitting framework for such a workshop. Indeed, the methodology of the ILC is not only affected by the diversity of cultural actors involved in international lawmaking, but it is also profoundly impacted by matters of cultural expertise and evidence, which often constitute a thorny issue for the law, in terms of its scholarship, practice and education.


Deadline for submissions: 31 May