Making International Custom More Tangible.

2 -3 July 2015

The McCoubrey Centre for International Law is hosting its second conference for research scholars and early career scholars, addressing questions surrounding customary international law.


Conference themes

  • What role can and should custom play in the making of international law?
  • The normative foundations of custom (i.e. what makes custom law)
  • Evidential requirements for customary international law (e.g. constituent elements, context, and burden of proof)
  • The role of national and international courts in the creation of customary rules
  • The role of non-State actors in the development of customary international law
  • Regional variations in the process/content of customary international law
  • Variations in the ‘method’ of customary international law in different fields/regimes of international law
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to custom

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