In September 2023, The ESIL Early-Career Network Coordinating Committee launched the ESIL Early-Career Mentoring Programme, marking a significant milestone in fostering the growth and development of emerging scholars and professionals in the field of international law.

The programme, launched in collaboration with the ESIL Board, aims to forge meaningful connections within the ESIL community, facilitating deeper engagement and knowledge-sharing between early-career enthusiasts and established scholars. With a structured framework consisting of four online group meetings, the programme offers a dynamic platform for mentees to get insights, guidance, and inspiration from mentors who had similar experiences in their academic and professional journeys.

This initiative is designed to meet the specific needs of people at various points in their careers. It’s split into two main parts: one for members just starting out in their academic journey, and another for those about to step into more established roles in international law. This setup ensures that mentees get the right support and guidance, whether they’re at the beginning stages or preparing for more important roles.

In the starting-out phase, mentees—typically in the early stages of their doctoral research—are paired with more senior mentors. This phase plays a key role in helping mentees develop their skills and giving them the basic tools and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of academic research and scholarship.

On the other hand, the building-on phase is for mentees who are approaching the end of their doctoral studies or entering academia or professional practice. Paired with mentors who are experienced academics or professionals in the field, mentees in this phase receive personalized guidance to improve their research, shape their career paths, and navigate the complexities of international law.

The first ESIL Early-Career Mentoring Programme received an incredible response, showing strong interest in initiatives supporting the next generation of international law scholars and practitioners. With 125 applications, the ESIL Early-Career Network Coordinating Committee was incredibly touched by the outpouring of interest in the programme.

Beyond just mentorship and knowledge sharing, the programme aims to create lasting networks, collaborations, and friendships that go beyond borders and academic fields.

If you are interested in opportunities ESIL offers to early-career members, please check out the dedicated webpage. Should you wish to get in touch with the ESIL Early-Career Network Coordinating Committee, please write to