Gaetano Morelli Lectures. Third Edition.

“International Procedural Law: Common Principles or General Principles?” 

Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Legal Sciences, Law School

26-27 May 2016 

The Lectures are mainly addressed to young scholars from all over the world. They aim to offer conceptual tools for appraising controversial knots of international law in its continuing development. There is a lot of sense, in our view, for doing this. International law is one of the branches of legal science where the pressing need for change goes hand in hand with the persistence of its basic legal paradigms. It is this unique blend of theory and practice, of tradition and innovation, which makes international law so challenging and ultimately explains its on-going intellectual fascination.

The third edition of the Gaetano Morelli Lectures will focus on the existence and contents of a general body of international procedural law. The guiding thread will be the search of common or general principles, applicable in different dispute settlement mechanisms, which coexist in the landscape of contemporary international law.