OUP – Treaty of Versailles: Centennial Collection
To mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles explore a free collection of related articles and chapters from Oxford Public International Law. All content is free to read until 31 August.
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OUP – 50th Anniversary: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
To celebrate the VCLT’s golden anniversary Oxford University Press have put together a free collection of articles and chapters exploring its origins and entry into force, as well as an assortment of commentary on some of the current debates such as treaty terminations, Article 62, and the obscure doctrine of rebus sic stantibus. All content is free to read until 31 July.
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OUP – Rwandan Genocide: 25th Anniversary Resources
For the 100-day anniversary period OUP have made materials relating to the Rwandan Genocide and its impact on the international framework of law and tribunals publicly available to read and share. This collection includes background and historical information on the genocide, legal definitions of the crimes committed, and case reports on the prosecutions. All content is free to read until 16 July.
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OUP – Brexit and International Law Reading List
Explore a collection of freely available chapters and articles from Oxford Public International Law, providing background information on the legal consequences of the Brexit. Discover expert commentary on the related issues within international law, such as treaty withdrawal, citizenship, international trade agreements, referendums, and international borders. All content is free to read until 31 July.
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