4ème Forum de Recherche de la SEDI – Tallinn, 26-28 mai 2011 :
“Droit international et politiques de puissance”

Computer Network Operations Below the Level of Armed Force
Conference Paper No. 1/2011
Johann-Christoph Woltag

Whither China’s Non-Interference Principle?
Conference Paper No. 2/2011
Shitong Qiao

The Inter-American System as New Grossraum? Assessing the Case Law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Conference Paper No. 3/2011
Fabia Vecoso and Alberto do Amaral Jr.

Implementation of the European Court of Human Rights’ Judgments Concerning National Minorities or Why Declaratory Adjudication Does Not Help
Conference Paper No. 4/2011
Nikolaos Sitaropoulos

De-Juridifying ‘Balance of Power’ – A Principle in 19th Century International Legal Doctrine
Conference Paper No. 5/2011
Milos Vec

Confronting the Risk of Conventional Weaponization in Outer Space
Conference Paper No. 6/2011
Gregor Novak

Taking Traditional Realism Seriously – A Case Study of the Negotiations and Resolution on the Crime of Aggression
Conference Paper No. 7/2011
Leena Grover

A Review on Contractual Arrangement Regarding Protection of Traditional Knowledge Holders
Conference Paper No. 8/2011
Marina Igorevna Tsikun, Kuei-Jung Ni and Liu Shang-Jhy

Cyber Sanctions: Exploring a Blind Spot in the Current Legal Debate
Conference Paper No. 9/2011
Marco Benatar and Kristof Gombeer

The Role of Interest Groups in EU Financial Regulation after the European Supervision Authorities in the Financial Field: The Case of the Stakeholder Groups
Conference Paper No. 10/2011
Pablo Iglesias-Rodriguez