The ESIL Interest Group on the EU as a Global Actor is organising a joint webinar with the University of Salamanca, Faculty of Law on ‘The externalisation of EU migration policies in light of EU constitutional principles and values: a global actor to trust?’ The webinar will be held online on 10 June 2021.

In recent years, the EU has substantially intensified its activities directed at externalizing immigration, asylum and border control management to the territories of third countries with the aim of reducing the pressure on the Mediterranean Member States and preventing migrants and refugees from risking their lives when arriving at European soil. This process of externalisation of migration control comes together with an increased securitization of aims and means, even military ones; a more intense involvement of EU Agencies with extended mandates; and a constant informalisation of instruments of cooperation with third countries. The emergence and development of this specific model of EU migration policy, which appears to consolidate in light of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, is being often realised at the expense of democratic scrutiny, judicial supervision, transparency and, most importantly, the protection of human rights, also entailing unprecedented challenges for the legitimacy of the EU in its international projection. The aim of this seminar is, therefore, to address the latest developments in the externalisation of EU migration management, particularly those implemented in cooperation with third countries, and to assess their compliance with the requirements imposed by the EU constitutional framework, specifically with the principles and values that should guide Union’s external conduct in this area.