Call for Papers: SIEL/IIEL-16th Annual WTO Conference

10-11 June 2016

The Annual WTO Conference is one of the most important and prestigious conferences addressing developments in international trade law, pursuing cutting-edge issues of interest to academics and practitioners alike.

The organizers will consider proposals, in the form of an abstract or a completed short paper, submitted on or before 14 March 2016, for inclusion on the panels being organized on the following five topics:

1. Legal Innovation in TPP and other “Deep” FTAS: Toward a “Common Law” of FTAS or Substantive Fragmentation on “New Issues”?

2. Interpreting “Old” WTO Rules in a World of New FTAS and other Norm Developments Outside the WTO Treaty

3. Global Tax Reforms & Disputes at The Intersection of Trade and Direct Taxation of Multinationals

4. The WTO Appellate Body: An Example to Shun or to Follow?

5. WTO Negotiations Post-Nairobi: What? How? When?


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