Call for Papers: ‘Turkey and International Law: History, Present and Future’ 


International law’s encounters with Turkey and Turkey’s encounters with international law have a long-standing and rich history. Ranging from the Ottoman Empire’s history of treaty engagement with the Concert of Europe states to the Treaty of Lausanne that underpins the international legal personality of the Turkish Republic, and from arguably one of the most cited cases of the Permanent Court of International Justice, Lotus/Bozkurt, to the development of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights through Turkish cases, Turkey is ever present in international law.  Yet, scholarship that takes a comprehensive look at international law’s encounter with Turkey and Turkey’s encounter with international law is underdeveloped.  This workshop aims to contribute to a better understanding of Turkey’s engagement with international law by asking the ‘Turkey’ question in international law. How has Turkey contributed to international law and how has international law shaped Turkey’s encounters with international relations, law and legal reasoning? Is there a Turkish approach to international law and if so, what are the core features and markers of such an approach?


With this dual research question in mind, Center for Global Public Law of Koç University invites submissions from international law, international history, international relations and domestic law scholars assessing the two-way relationship between Turkey and international law. We therefore encourage paper proposals to address at least one of two interrelated themes below:


  1. Turkish approaches to international law: Turkish perspectives on the history, theory, sources, doctrine, branches and teaching of international law (in scholarship, domestic judicial pronouncements and political discourse). 
  2. Turkey’s role in shaping international law:  Turkey’s contribution to international custom, treaties and doctrine.


Applications should be submitted by 1 November 2017 to