The Bocconi University, in collaboration with the Interest Group on International Organisations, is organising a webinar on the theme of ‘Contested Fundamentals of the Law of International Organizations’. The webinar will be held on 2 October 2020 at 14:00-19:00.

International organizations have existed since the nineteenth century but their essential legal features are still disputed. It is striking that issues such as the acquisition and incidents of international legal personality and the validity of ultra vires acts are as controversial today as they were when the League of Nations was created. Against this backdrop, the purpose of the seminar is to revisit the contested fundamentals of the law of international organizations and to situate them in the context of current issues faced by the international community. The first panel focuses on the concept of an international organization in international law, tackling issues such as autonomy from member states, transparency of the institutional veil, and the appropriateness of the analogy with states. The second panel focuses on issues of accountability, discussing alternative routes to international responsibility, immunities before domestic courts, and the settlement of disputes by arbitral tribunals.