13ème Conférence annuelle de la SEDI – Naples, 7-9 septembre 2017:
”Biens publics mondiaux, patrimoine commun de l’humanité et valeurs fondamentales: réponses du droit international”

Coordination of Different Principles and Values in International Law
Conference Paper No. 11/2017
Marco Mazzeschi
Enhancing ICJ Procedures in Order to Promote Global Public Goods: Overcoming the Prevailing Tension between Bilateralism and Community Interests
Conference Paper No. 12/2017
Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida
Expanding the Boundaries of International Human Rights Law. The Systemic Approach of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Conference Paper No. 13/2017
Alejandro Fuentes
The Procedural Approach in International Human Rights Law and Fundamental Values: Towards a Proceduralization of the Interface of International and Domestic Law?
Conference Paper No. 14/2017
Kleinlein Thomas
The Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage as a Genocidal Act and a Crime Against Humanity
Conference Paper No. 15/2017
Ann Marie Thake
Community Interests in World Trade Law
Conference Paper No. 16/2017
Christian Tietje and Andrej Lang
Solidarity and Consensual Intervention
Conference Paper No. 17/2017
Themis Tzimas
Linking Counter Terrorism and Refugee Law: Unravelling the (Undue) Nexus with International Law
Conference Paper No. 18/2017
Silvia Venier and Denise Venturi