Seven members of the ESIL Board will be elected during the ESIL General Assembly in Riga on Friday 9 September 2016 at 16.00. Prior to the election, all candidates will be asked to make a brief presentation to the General Assembly and to explain their envisaged contribution to the Board’s activities.

There are 11 candidates standing for election. In line with the ESIL Articles of Association, the list of candidates, along with their photo and a 150 word self-description/bio in both languages, are published on the website of the Society not later than 15 days before the election date.


In accordance with Article 14(3) of the Articles of Association, should the Board decide that the elections have not resulted in a balanced composition of the Board in all relevant aspects such as nationality, gender, age and language, the Board is entitled to co-opt a maximum of three additional Board members above the number of persons determined by the General Assembly according to paragraph 1 in order to achieve greater balance.

Current members of the Society will be eligible to vote in the election. To be considered as a ‘current member’, you must have paid the 2016 membership fee by Friday 26 August 2016 at the very latest.


Members who are not able to attend in person can vote by proxy, as provided in Article 10.4 of the ESIL Articles of Association: “A member may cast a vote by granting a written proxy to a fellow member. A member may act as proxy on behalf of a maximum of three other members.”

Proxy forms will be sent by email to all current members. (If you do not receive a form, please contact

How the proxy system operates:
1. The member delegating the power to vote (“the principal”) must fill out the proxy form that designates a fellow member (“the proxy”) to vote on his/her behalf.
2. Both the principal and the proxy must be current members of the Society.
3. The principal must send an electronic copy of this form from his / her institutional or personal email account to the ESIL Secretariat before Thursday 1 September 2016 at 12 noon CET.
4. The proxy must bring a copy of the proxy form to the General Assembly and present it to election officials before casting his / her vote.

Please note that ESIL election officials will not be able to accept any alternatives to this system. In particular, proxy forms sent to the ESIL Secretariat after 1 September will be disregarded.

The election procedure is managed by the Society’s Secretary General. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the current Secretary General, Başak Çalı