‘Smart Mixes in relation to Transboundary Environmental Harm’

Final Conference in Rotterdam – 15 April 2016

The Amsterdam Center for International Law, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Maastricht University will hold a Conference, entitled ‘Smart Mixes in relation to Transboundary Environmental Harm’, in Rotterdam on April 15, 2016. The Conference forms part of a wider research project, funded by the KNAW, which aims at providing insight into the way international environmental treaties are, and can be, supplemented with private and hybrid governance instruments, with a view to achieving a more effective regulation of the causes of transboundary environmental harm. The Conference will seek to showcase innovative research into various aspects of global, multilevel environmental governance. Registration is open to both academics and practitioners. More information on the Conference and registration can be found here: http://www.smartmixes.nl/events/smart-mixes-final-conference/

The conference will seek to present the latest research results on how alternative modes of regulation (hybrid and private) and different forms of regulatory instruments (command-and-control, market-based, suasive) can complement the operation of international agreements. The conference aims at presenting and discussing: 1) the results of the ‘Smart Mixes’ project; and 2) the results of other research that has been conducted on mixes that have supplemented or could be considered for supplementing international environmental agreements. It also aims at identifying specific policy recommendations that can be based on these outcomes of research. 

Participation & Registration

The number of available places is limited, therefore interested participants are kindly requested to register with Rosalie Dieleman (dieleman@law.eur.nl).