Queen Mary, University of London School of Law Seminar Series on Jurisdiction.

This Seminar Series will trace the origins, functions and significance of the notion of ‘Jurisdiction’ across, and within, different international legal systems from a range of perspectives. It is jointly organised by the Centre for European and International Legal Affairs (CEILA) and the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context (CLSGC). The six themed seminars will focus upon the following aspects:

19 November 2015

Seminar 1: Histories of Jurisdiction – Ancient, Imperial, Medieval, Early Modern & Modern

3 December 2015

Seminar 2: Public/Private Dimensions of Jurisdiction

21 January 2016

Seminar 3: Universal/Regional/Individual Jurisdiction

18 February 2016

Seminar 4: Health and Jurisdiction

17 March 2016

Seminar 5: Cyberspace and Jurisdiction

28 April 2016

Roundtable: Jurisdiction in a Pluralist World – History, Theory, Challenges

Full details are available here and here

For more information, please contact our events team via lawevents@qmul.ac.uk or the Series co-convenors, Dr Stephen Allen (s.r.allen@qmul.ac.uk) and Dr Paul Gragl (p.gragl@qmul.ac.uk).