This Seminar Series will trace the origins, functions and significance of the notion of ‘Jurisdiction’ across, and within, different international legal systems from a range of perspectives. It is jointly organised by the Centre for European and International Legal Affairs (CEILA) and the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context (CLSGC). The six themed seminars will focus upon the following aspects:

19 November 2015

Seminar 1: Histories of Jurisdiction – Ancient, Imperial, Medieval, Early Modern & Modern

3 December 2015

Seminar 2: Public/Private Dimensions of Jurisdiction

21 January 2016

Seminar 3: Universal/Regional/Individual Jurisdiction

18 February 2016

Seminar 4: Health and Jurisdiction

17 March 2016

Seminar 5: Cyberspace and Jurisdiction

28 April 2016

Roundtable: Jurisdiction in a Pluralist World – History, Theory, Challenges

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