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Coordinating Committee: Markus Beham , Martin ClarkFrederik DhondtJan Lemnitzer, Hossein Piran



Future events:

  • Pre-conference workshop: ‘New Histories of Sovereigns and Sovereignties’, 15th Annual Conference, Athens, 12-14 April 2019. Call for Papers. PROGRAMME.

Past events:

  • Workshop: ‘The rule of law and international law in historical perspective’, ESIL Research Forum, Göttingen, 3 April 2019. Call for Papers. The programme is now available.
  • Workshop: ‘Consumers or Producers of international law? Non-European experiences with the law of nations in comparative perspective’, ESIL 14th Annual Conference, Manchester, 13 September 2018. Call for PapersProgramme.
  • Workshop: ‘Evaluating the ‘Turn to History’ in International Law’ ESIL 13th Annual Conference, Naples, 6 September 2017.  Programme.
  • Workshop: ‘Neutrality in the History of International Law’, ESIL Research Forum, Granada, 30 March 2017. Programme
  • Workshop: ‘Writing Crisis in the History of International Law’, ESIL 12th Annual Conference, Riga, 7 September 2016. Report.
  • Workshop: ‘Dreaming of the Rule of International Law’, ESIL 11th Annual Conference, Oslo, 9 September 2015.


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Election Schedule:

  • The current Coordinating Committee was elected in October 2017.
  • The next Coordinating Committee elections are planned for October 2019.