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Coordinating Committee: Peter-Tobias StollElisa BaronciniHolger Hestermeyer,
Catharine TitiMarina Trunk-Fedorova

2018-2019 ANNUAL REPORT 


Future events:

  • Online workshop: ‘International Economic Law between Emergencies and Reforms’, 9 September 2020. Call for Papers. Programme. 
  • Pre-conference workshop at the 2020 ESIL Research Forum: ‘Solidarity: The Quest for Founding Utopias of International Law’, Catania, 15-16 April 2021. Call for Papers.
  • Conference: ‘Groups and Spaces in International Economic Law: Focus on the BRICS Countries’, St. Petersburg State University, 20-21 May 2021. Call for Papers.

Past events:

  • Conference: ‘International Economic Law and Security Interests’, Amsterdam, 14-15 November 2019. Call for Papers. Programme.
  • Pre-conference workshop: ‘Challenges to the Governance of the Global Economy: Dispute Settlement in the WTO and in International Investment Law’, Athens, 12 September 2019. Call for Papers. Programme.
  • Conference: ‘International Economic Law and Security Interests’. Amsterdam, 14-15 November 2019. Call for Papers.
  • Workshop, 3 April 2019 on the occasion of the ESIL Annual Research Forum, Göttingen (4-5 April). ‘Trade Agreements and the Rule of Law’. Programme.
  • Pre-conference workshop on 13 September 2018 on the occasion of the ESIL Annual conference in Manchester: International Economic Law in 2018: Between Reform and Contestation.
  • Colloquium on “International Investment Law & the Law of Armed Conflict” Athens, on 5-6 October 2017. Programme
  • Workshop, 6 September 2017 Naples on the occasion of the ESIL Annual Conference (7-9 September). Programme
  • Conference on Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements, London 26/27 May 2017. Programme.
  • Conference “The Role of the European Parliament in the Conclusion and Implementation of Agreements on International Economic Law issues “, 9 December 2016, European Parliament in Brussels. Call for Papers.
  • Conference ”UNESCO World Heritage between Education and Economy – A Legal Analysis”, Ravenna 27 and 28 October 2016. Programme.
  • Workshop on the occasion of the ESIL’s Annual Conference in Riga, 7 September 2016, Programme.
  • Meeting at the SIEL Johannesburg Conference, 7 July 2016. MEMO.
  • Joint ASIL-ESIL-Max Planck Scholarship Workshop, ‘The Future of Transatlantic Economic Governance in the Age of the BRICS’, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, 11-12 December 2015
  • Conference: ‘Transparency vs Confidentiality in International Economic Law: Looking for an Appropriate Balance‘, Ravenna, School of Law, 20 November 2015. Co-organised with the Italian branch of the International Law Association.
  • Workshop, 11th ESIL Annual Conference (Oslo, 9 September 2015). Programme.


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Election schedule:

  • Holger Hestermeyer, Catharine Titi and Marina Trunk-Fedorova were elected for a 4-year term in November 2016.
  • Elisa Baroncini and Peter-Tobias Stoll were re-elected for a 4-year term in November 2018.
  • The next elections will be held in November 2020.