In recent years,  international institutions (including the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF, the WHO, the OECD and the European Union) increasingly have resorted to partnerships. Such partnerships exists for instance in relation to global health, international security, and global financial policy. They can bring together relevant institutions, allow for cross-sectoral cooperation, and may facilitate the pursuit of common aims. Yet, partnerships among international institutions also raise questions of accountability. Which institution(s) are to be addressed if partnerships do not succeed in protecting the values for which they were set up? And which institution is to shoulder responsibility if harm for third parties occurs? These questions are practically relevant, and raise fundamental questions of responsibility and accountability of international institutions. This seminar will explore whether and on what grounds partnerships among international institutions may result in a shared responsibility between the participating institutions. It will map the relevant practices of partnerships, and discuss what principles of responsibility may apply. The seminar will bring together leading experts from international institutions, as well as international scholars.

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