14th ESIL Annual Conference – Manchester, 13-15 September 2018:
‘International law and universality’

The Assumption, Not Invention, of Universality Is the Problem

Conference Paper No. 7/2018

Onuma Yasuaki

L’accès aux ressources génétiques marines issues d’espaces situés hors des zones de juridiction nationale des États Passé, présent, futur (The Access to Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Past, Present, Future)

Conference Paper No. 8/2018

Valérie Wyssbrod

Wars of National Liberation and the Disruption of Hegemony in 1974

Conference Paper No. 9/2018

Pål Wrange


Drafting for Universality: The Covenant and The Charter

Conference Paper No. 10/2018

Nigel D. White

Reform of Investment Dispute Settlement and Developments in EU Investment Law: Is There Any Future for Investment Treaty Arbitration in Europe? Some Comments in the Light of Achmea Decision

Conference Paper No. 11/2018

Pavel Sturma

Pacta Sunt Servanda As the Intersubjective but Universal Principle: Oppenheim’s Common Consent Within the Family of Nations

Conference Paper No. 12/2018

Hirofumi Oguri

A Retreat from Universality in International Environmental Law? Law’s Limbo between Universality and Particularity

Conference Paper No. 13/2018

Maiko Meguro

Why International Lawyers Would Be Better Off Without the Concept of Personality

Conference Paper No. 14/2018

Astrid Kjeldgaard-Pedersen

The ‘Disappearing Island State’ Phenomenon. A Challenge to the Universality of the International Law of the Sea

Conference Paper No. 15/2018

Eduardo Jiménez Pineda

The Multilateral Investment Court: A Stumbling Block for Comprehensive and Sustainable Investment Law Reform

Conference Paper No. 16/2018

Rhea Tamara Hoffmann

Inculcating International Law: the Textbook as Gateway

Conference Paper No. 17/2018

Gleider Hernandez

Decentering the Universal: Comparative International Law and Decolonizing Critique

Conference Paper No. 18/2018

Miriam Bak McKenna


International Organizations and the Dream of Universal Legal Systems

Conference Paper No. 19/2018

Lorenzo Gasbarri

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