ESIL IG on Law of the Sea – Call for Papers: ‘International Law of the Sea and Universality’
In line with the Theme of the 14th Annual Conference of the ESIL in Manchester (International Law and Universality), the Law of the Sea Interest Group (LAWSEA IG) will hold a panel on substantive matters concerning the Law of the Sea and Universality on 13 September 2018. Besides its importance as a branch or sector of Public International Law, International Law of the Sea also rules matters and realities of a critical importance for the International Community, whatever be the ideology or values associated to these terms. Problems and realities such as, inter alia, the access to genetical resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction (freedom of access versus common heritage of mankind), the protection of the global commons (polar spaces, climate change and the ocean, the “traditional” freedoms of the sea), or the operation of different actors participating with different methodologies in the international arena (States, the European Union, universal and specialised International Organizations, NGOs, etc.) are just some examples that evidence the central role that International Law of the Sea plays in the theme of the Annual Conference of ESIL.
Deadline for submissions: 15 May 2018