ESIL IG on Biolaw Workshop 


The ESIL Interest Group on Biolaw will hold a Workshop on “International Biolaw and… Interactions with Environmental, Human Rights and Health Law”


Date: 27 October 2017


Venue: Faculty of Law. University of Málaga (Spain)


This international workshop is focused on the relationship between International Biolaw and different subjects directly connected with this field of research. ESIL-SEDI members working on related areas such as Environmental Law, Protection of Human Rights and Health Law –different aspects covered by ESIL-SEDI Interest Groups- will be welcome to take part in this initiative. This workshop has two objectives: first of all, to show the interactions between International Biolaw and different areas (in particular Environmental, Human Rights and Health Law); secondly, this event will try to contribute to build bridges between some ESIL-SEDI Interest Groups dealing with common fields of interest. We have elaborated a broad programme allowing you can participate to expose on your research or experience. With this aim, we encourage you to participate in this International Workshop.



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