Website of the Group:
Coordinating Committee: Loveday HodsonEmily JonesTroy Lavers


Forthcoming event:

  • Pre-conference event: ESIL IG on Feminism in International Law and Women in International Law Network (WILNET) Joint Networking Event, Manchester, 13 September 2018. PROGRAMME

Past events:

  • Pre-conference event: ‘Whose Global Public Goods, Global Commons and Fundamental Values?’, Naples,6 September 2017,  PROGRAMME.
  • Conference panel‘Gendered Imaginaries of Crisis in International Law’, Riga, 9 September 2016. 
  • Pre-conference event: ‘Has Feminist Theory Had Any Substantive Effect on the Output of International Courts and/or Tribunals?’, Oslo, 9 September 2015. PROGRAMME


In order to be listed as a member of this IG, you need to ensure:

  • You have paid your ESIL membership fee for this year (if not, renew your membership)
  • You have created an online ESIL membership account
  • You have ticked the box next to this IG in the list of groups in your membership account

The conveners of the Interest Group receive automatically-generated updated lists of IG members each month.
If you have any doubts about your ESIL membership or your Interest Group membership, please contact the ESIL Secretariat.

Election schedule:

  • The new Coordinating Committee (CC) was appointed in October 2016.
  • The next Coordinating Committee elections will take place in 2018.

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