Website of the Group:

Coordinating Committee: Edouard Fromageau, Andrea Gattini, Machiko Kanetake and Stephan Wittich


Past Events:

  • Pre-conference workshop, Manchester, 13 September 2018: Access to International Adjudication. Call for PapersPROGRAMME
  • Administrative meeting: 6 September 2017, Naples – Federico II.
  • Panel: ‘International Adjudication as a Global Public Good?’ on the occasion of the 13th ESIL Annual Conference, Naples ‘Global Public Goods, Global Commons and Fundamental Values: The Responses of International Law’, 7 – 9 September 2017.
  • Conference: Dispute Settlement in Free Trade Agreements, London, 26/27 May 2017.  Programme
  • Meeting on 7 September 2016, 13h00 – 16h00, before the ESIL Annual Conference.
  • Meeting, Oslo, 9 September 2015. Programme.


In order to be listed as a member of this IG, you need to ensure:

  • You have paid your ESIL membership fee for this year (if not, renew your membership)
  • You have created an online ESIL membership account
  • You have ticked the box next to this IG in the list of groups in your membership account

If you have any doubts about your ESIL membership or your Interest Group membership, please contact the ESIL Secretariat.

Election Schedule:

  • This Interest Group was set up in October 2013 and the first meeting of the group took place in September 2014.
  • The founding Coordinating Committee (September 2014 – September 2016): Fulvio Palombino, Yuval Shany, and Geir Ulfstein.
  • Coordinating Committee, October 2016 – October 2018:  Serena Forlati, Holger Hestermeyer and Hélène Ruiz Fabri.
  • The current Coordinating Committee was elected in October 2018.

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