ESIL Newsletters

Published quarterly, the ESIL newsletter gives our members information about latest events, publications, and the life of the Society more generally. Each newsletter also features an op-ed by a leading academic or practitioner about recent events in the field of international law. Past issues of our newsletter are available below.

ESIL Newsletter: March 2017
Guest Editorial: Academic Writing Between Freedom and Constraints - Andrea Bianchi, Graduate Institute of International Law and Development Studies, Geneva
ESIL Newsletter: November 2016
Guest Editorial: The Life and Death of Treaty Supremacy: A Puzzle - David Sloss, Santa Clara University School of Law
Guest Editorial: Public International Law - steel frame or safety net? Catherine Brölmann
Guest Editorial: "L’Accord de Paris sur le climat: urgence à agir et temps longs de la diplomatie" by Sandrine Maljean-Dubois
Guest Editorial: “Academic Endeavours” by Pål Wrange
Guest Editorial: 'Reflections on International Law Journals and the Peer Review "Crisis"’, by Eric de Brabandere
Guest Editorial: 'Happy Birthday to the "Respected Old Lady"' by Karel Wellens
Guest Editorial: 'Les nouveaux modes de production de normes en droit international: quelques zones d’ombre' by Marco Sassòli
Guest Editorial: 'The Right to Regulate: An Inherent Power Enjoyed by a Government?' by Caroline Foster
Guest editorial: 'Dialogues jurisprudentiels et fonction juridictionnelle internationale' by Photini Pazartzis