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ESIL Newsletters

Published quarterly, the ESIL newsletter gives our members information about latest events, publications, and the life of the Society more generally. Each newsletter also features an op-ed by a leading academic or practitioner about recent events in the field of international law. Past issues of our newsletter are available below.

Guest Editorial: 'Les nouveaux modes de production de normes en droit international: quelques zones d’ombre' by Marco Sassòli
Guest Editorial: 'The Right to Regulate: An Inherent Power Enjoyed by a Government?' by Caroline Foster
Guest editorial: 'Dialogues jurisprudentiels et fonction juridictionnelle internationale' by Photini Pazartzis
Guest Editorial: 'Hostage to the Times of Trouble' by Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov
Guest Editorial: 'The Law of International Immunities after Germany v. Italy, Mothers of Srebrenica and Jones: The Best is Yet to Come' by Riccardo Pavoni
Guest Editorial: 'Faut-il désespérer de la justice pénale internationale?' by Jean-Marc Sorel
Guest Editorial: 'National Immigration Laws and the Universal "Right to Have Rights"' by Yuval Shany
Guest Editorial: 'Towards an International Law of Victims?' by Veronika Bilkova
Guest Editorial: 'The Emergence of an International Law of Recognition' by Emmanuelle Jouannet
Guest Editorial: 'Two Comments on the Decision of the ICJ on State Immunity' by Benedetto Conforti