Board of the European Society of International Law


Statement of Principles on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion


ESIL’s Commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion


ESIL’s constituent documents commit it to “provid[e] a forum for European-wide discussions” about research, teaching, and the practice of international law. Recall that ESIL is “a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation which shall have the following goals: to promote the study of international law and to contribute to the rule of law in international relations, in a spirit of co-operation with other relevant international and national associations”. (ESIL Articles of Association, Article 3). ESIL celebrates diversity and sees it as a value that enriches both the debates within the Society and what the Society offers to the study, research and practice of international law.

As a learned society, ESIL aims to promote excellent scholarship and research in international law from all of its members, irrespective of their background or identity. The pursuit of excellence requires the engagement and collaboration of individuals of diverse identities, experiences and ideas. Accordingly, ESIL commits to foster an environment in which each of its members can thrive and fulfil their potential, and to promote diversity, equality and inclusion throughout its activities. ESIL further commits to a culture of open and free debate, where views can be exchanged robustly, and always with the utmost respect for one another. Above all, ESIL firmly opposes discrimination and intolerance in all its forms.

To that end, ESIL commits to the following objectives:

  • as an overarching priority, ESIL commits to cultivating and nurturing an environment that promotes the full participation of all of its members in a spirit of diversity, equality and inclusion;
  • the Board, the Secretariat and all ESIL Members are called upon to act with a spirit of mutual respect and of and inclusiveness, respectful of each human person.
  • the practices of the Board, interest groups and other ESIL bodies will strive to adhere to best practices of diversity, equality and inclusion;
  • ESIL will intensify its efforts to encourage the progression of early career international legal scholars, in a spirit of diversity, equality and inclusion;
  • when convening conferences and events, organising committees, selection committees and interest groups will make every effort to reflect diverse perspectives, in particular, from groups which are under-represented within the Society. Such considerations will not be limited to ethnicity, race, gender and geographical representation, but will take into account the diversity of the membership of the Society as a whole, and reinforce our commitment to excellence through inclusiveness.