Institute of International Relations, Prague
Charles University in Prague
Current Research:
I am an associate professor in International Law at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague, the Czech Republic. I also coordinate a newly established Centre for International Law at the Institute of International Relations, Prague, which should host an ESIL symposium in spring 2017. Since 2010, I have represented the Czech Republic in the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe. Having a background in both law and political science, I like to combine theoretical research with a more policy-oriented approach. In my research, I focus on human rights, international humanitarian law, the use of force, fight against terrorism, and the theory of international law. In my policy-oriented studies, I concentrate on human rights and democracy promotion in foreign policy. I am a member of the EJIL Scientific Advisory Board and the rapporteur of the ILA Committee on Non-State Actors.
Key Publications:
2016 – Territorial (Se)Cession in Light of the Recent Events in Crimea. In: Nicolini, Matteo – Palermo, Francesco – Milano, Enrico (eds.): Law, Territory and Conflict Resolution. Law as a Problem and Law as a Solution, Brill/Nijhoff, 2016, 194–218.
2016 – La succession aux traités internationaux suite à la dissolution des fédérations ex-socialistes après 1990. In: Distefano, Giovanni et al. (eds.): La convention de Vienne de 1978 sur la succession d’États en matière de traités. Bruylant, 1809–1856
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2015 – Symbols of Illiberalism in the World of Liberal States. Baltic Journal of International Law, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2015, 249–267
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2014 – Belligerent Reprisals in Non-International Armed Conflicts. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, No. 1, 1–35