The Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL) organizes a Lecture Series this fall.
13 October
The Simplification of the Law of Extradition at a Global Level: Some Reflections on the Implications of the Move towards a no Dress Rehearsal Rule
Neil Boister (University of Waikato)
16 November
Constitutional Blasphemy and Liminal Crisis? The International Criminal Court and its Cage of Sacramental Outrages.
Nikolas M. Rajkovic (Tilburg University)
1 December
Using International Law to Shape Foreign Policy: How the Obama Administration adopted Bush Preemption Doctrine on Using Force to Combat Terrorism
Victor Kattan (National University of Singapore)
15 December
Framing Proportionality: Rationality and Cognitive Biases
Anne van Aaken (NYU / St. Gallen)