Esra Demir-Gürsel (Freie Universität Berlin) and Başak Çalı (Hertie School of Governance) are organising a workshop on European responses to the decay of rule of law and human rights protections in Turkey, to take place in Berlin on 29-30 August 2019.

Today we witness the gradual entrenchment of policies and practices in a number of European states that run counter to the foundational tenets upon which the very idea of Europe as a political project rest. The limits and capacities of European intergovernmental institutions to respond to systemic violations of human rights, the decay in the rule of law and the weakening of democracy are being tested. The aim of this workshop is to analyse the responses to the decay of the rule of law and human rights protections, in particular by different organs of European intergovernmental institutions. Although the workshop focuses on European responses to Turkey as a springboard, we particularly encourage proposals that bring comparative analysis to bear on the workshop theme. For example, comparative analyses of the responses of European institutions to the other states exhibiting similar tendencies and/or comparative analyses of the European institutional responses with the responses of other intergovernmental organs such as the United Nations bodies.

The workshop is open to contributions from multidisciplinary perspectives, including from law, political science, economy, history, and sociology.
For more information, see the Call for Papers.