The current pandemic highlights the urgent need for global measures to deal with common threats and the risk that such measures could be taken at the expense of individual freedoms. These uncertain times may present an opportunity to rethink society and the economy to combat climate change more effectively, exploring whether a new balance between individual freedoms and collective goals could be sought. This workshop, held at the University of Geneva on 26-27 November 2020, will examine the relationship between climate change and human rights from three angles:

1) How should the promotion of collective interests be balanced with individual freedoms?

2) Is the human right to development compatible with the human right to a healthy environment?

3) How should the human right to a healthy environment be enforced?

CALL FOR PAPERS  (now closed)

Applicants are invited to submit proposals of up to 500 words, in English, plus a short biographical note of 100 words, and 5 keywords to Alice Breathe ( by Friday 29 May 2020.