In the context of ESIL’s annual meeting to take place in Stockholm in September 2021, the Interest Group on Peace and Security is organising a workshop on ‘Lawmaking in Peace and Security: Actors, Processes, and Impact’. The workshop will be held on 8 September 2021.
The international law of peace and security is in flux. With the UN Security Council deadlocked on a growing number of crises, states are increasingly turning to other institutions and methods to address emerging challenges in areas as diverse as climate change, global health, cybersecurity and migration. At the same time, a host of non-state actors, increasingly from the private sector, is generating norms in areas such as humanitarian law, corruption, digital security, and environmental protection. Lawmaking processes have undergone an abrupt ‘digital’ revolution due to COVID-19, and the pandemic is likely to affect wider trends of securitization in the global order. In particular, governments have partnered with private companies to roll out vaccines and digital technologies to protect public health. Equally important, the diversification and informalization of lawmaking processes and actors is recalibrating the balance of power within the global order. On the one hand, states are using security threats to consolidate their authority in some areas; on the other, the emergence of novel technologies and hybrid threats is creating new problems for transnational governance beyond the state.
Deadline for submissions: 30 April 2021