Call for Papers: Latin-American Society of International Law (SLADI / LASIL)

‘International Law in Latin America: Tradition and Contemporaneity’ 

13-15 August 2015, Rio de Janeiro

This event is justified by the need of analyzing in depth the context in which the doctrinaire and jurisprudential understanding of Latin American International Law is being discussed and built, as an outcome of relations among States subjected to International Courts and Tribunals, as well as the context of international organizations.

This meeting will allow scholars to exchange different approaches and ideas concerning the relationship among Latin American countries, when the most important and respected scholars on this subject, coming from the most important Latin American and world universities, will get together.

Target Public: researchers in International Law (master’s and doctoral degrees), professors, Law and International Relations students.

Workload: certificate of 36 hours for full participation

Deadline for submissions: 1 July 2015

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