The Global Governance Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute is delighted to share this Call for Papers for the Research Workshop on Sociological Perspectives on International Economic Law and Human Rights Law, taking place in Florence on 8-9 May 2020.
International law is rooted in communities, influencing and affected by social groups and their socio-cultural features. Thus, a variety of socio-cultural factors and processes are intertwined in the formation, interpretation and implementation of international law. This fifth workshop on the sociology of international law focuses on various sociological aspects pertaining to international economic law and human rights law, as well as to interrelationships between these two major legal fields. Contributors will explore diverse interactions between sociological concepts (such as identity, socialisation, collective memory, social control or frames) and broad range of legal rules and institutions in these spheres.
More information can be found here.
The deadline for submission of abstracts and scholarship applications has now passed.