For the second year, ELSA is planning to publish a quality international legal publication which gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to share their ideas and research. To get an idea of the work done so far, you can read the first edition of the ELSA Law Review 


The mission of the ELSA Law Review is to create a forum for the analysis and discussion of legal issues. Moreover, the Law Review serves as a medium for ELSA Members to publish their work outside the scope of the typical legal curriculum.

ELSA International is currently accepting submissions for its second annual edition of the ELSA Law Review, to be published in summer 2016.   


Articles on any legal topic, between 3000-8000 words, will be accepted by the Editorial Board. Case notes, between 2000-3000 words, will also be accepted.


The Law Review does not restrict itself to a particular body of law but seeks contributions from all branches of the law, be it National, European or International. A wide range of articles will be published. 


All articles and case notes have to comply with OSCOLA legal writing style: OSCOLA guide  and Authors’ guidelines 


The deadline for submitting articles to the second edition of the ELSA Law Review is January 31st, 2016.


To submit your article, please send a copy at:


The full version of the call for submission, as well as the Authors’ Guide including all the criteria required for prospective articles, may be found at this link