Hebron University College of Law and Political Science (in partnership with Al-Najah National University, Birzeit University, Al-Quds University and the Palestinian Bar Association and a number of Netherlands universities), organize an international conference on the legal profession in Palestine and the prospects for its reform, taking into consideration experiences from other countries of the world.
The conference will take place on 23 and 24 November 2016 at Hebron University campus, West Bank, Palestine.
Background and theme of the conference
Notwithstanding all challenges that faced Palestine over the past century, Palestinian lawyers managed to build a well-established bar association. Yet there are still challenges ahead that face the Palestinian Bar Association such as  the involvement of female lawyers in leadership positions, still in its infancy phase notwithstanding the increasing number of females in the profession or the apprenticeship system for young lawyers which should be reformed with a view to provide meaningful training and to maintain quality control for those who enter the profession.
The conference organizers call upon law professors, researchers and jurists from any country in the world to submit paper abstracts (about 300 words) to be presented at the conference.
Deadline for paper abstract submission: 10 October 2016.
Proposed paper abstracts, along with the participant’s CV and her/his full contact information, can be sent to:
• In English to: Mr. Bilal Fannoun: bilal3mran@gmail.com
• In Arabic to: Mr. Hendam Rjoub: hendamr@hebron.edu