Elections to the Executive Board

Call for Candidates

At the 2014 ESIL conference in Vienna, the General Assembly will elect eight Executive Board members. Twelve persons will be selected as nominees, based on the need for a balanced composition of the Board in all relevant aspects such as nationality, gender, age and language.

According to the Society’s by-laws, any member of the Society who has been a member for at least a year is eligible to become a member of the Executive Board. Eligible candidates should be willing to actively contribute to the life of the Society and have an active knowledge of one of the official languages of the Society and at least a passive knowledge of the other.

Persons must be nominated by two other members of the Society. Please send nominations by email to: esil.secretariat@eui.eu. The nomination must include a short justification of the nomination explaining why the nominee would particularly well represent the Society and its purposes, and a statement confirming that the nominee has approved the nomination. The nominee should provide a brief c.v.

The deadline for nominations was Monday 9 June 2014.