The Interest Group on International Human Rights Law in collaboration with the Centre for Fundamental Rights at the Hertie School and the Hertie School’s London Alumni Chapter is organising an event on ‘Corporate accountability for human rights abuses: opportunities and challenges’. The event will be held online on Thursday 18 March at 6PM (CET).
Despite a growing global consensus about the need to ensure minimal human rights standards for transnational corporations and their supply chains, attaining accountability for corporate human rights abuses or their complicity with military regimes, dictatorships and armed groups remains a work in progress. The event focuses on the opportunities and challenges for holding transnational corporations accountable for committing human rights abuses, both through litigation before courts as well as through the introduction of domestic legislative frameworks. Speakers are Başak Çalı, Anna Hoffmann, Cannelle Lavite and Pierre Thielbörger, chaired by Alexandra Lily Kather.