Six PhD fellowships within the framework of HEART: HEalth related Activity Recognition system based on IoT, a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research & innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie – ITN, Industrial Doctorate (GA no. 766139).
The HEART research program aims for a personalized approach of mobile health coaching programs that involve the user and that are tailored to individual needs (putting the user at the HEART of the system). Programs will leverage on a health integrated activity recognition platform that can detect activities from heterogeneous data, using scalable algorithms, while safeguarding the privacy of the person. When developing such technology, special attention will be devoted to the definition of a penetration strategy for the Chinese market that ensures: i) protection of personal information and acquired sensitive data; and ii) adaption to the needs of the Chinese consumers.
The following PhD students will collaborate within the HEART ITN research program: 4 PhD students in Information&Communication Technology (ICT), 1 Phd student in legal studies and 1 Phd student in the international business domain.
ESR1 – Health Behavior Analytics on heterogeneous Data
ESR2 – Scalability of data analytics
ESR3 – Scalability of data processing
ESR4 – Privacy and security analytics
ESR5 – Privacy by design and by research. the legal issues from conceptualization to commercialization
ESR6 – Understanding China:  from customers’ needs to market penetration
The deadline is: 14 October 2017