The ESIL Lecture Series hosts broadcasts of presentations on international law topics held at partner institutions, enabling the presentation to reach a wider audience of ESIL members and non-members alike.
Lorenzo Gradoni gave a lecture on Position and Agency of the WTO Dispute Settlement System in the Fragmented World of International Adjudication on 28 February 2018 at the University of Naples Federico II.
Having come into the world of public international law with belittling names and the burden of an unconventional legacy, that of GATT, WTO Panels and the Appellate Body developed a very distinctive style of reasoning and judging, including a non-isolationist yet carefully calculated approach to extra-systemic legal sources and institutions. In this lecture, Lorenzo Gradoni revisits the long-standing debate on the boundaries of WTO’s adjudicatory and enforcement jurisdiction, suggesting a different reading of the “four corners doctrine” inherited from GATT and other actual or potential modes of interaction between the WTO dispute settlement system and other adjudicative fora.
Lorenzo Gradoni is Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law. He holds a PhD in EU Law from the University of Bologna (2003), where he taught international law from 2005 to 2016. He authored a monograph on regime failure in international law (ESIL Prize 2010) and is currently working on two book-length projects on, respectively, customary international law in historical-comparative perspective and the early history of outer space law. His research interests include legal theory, international inter-systemic law, WTO law and international criminal law.
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