Freie Universität Berlin


Helmut Philipp Aust is a Professor of Law at Freie Universität Berlin where he teaches public and international law. He is also an Associate Fellow of the German Council on Foreign Relations. His research interests lie in the fields of general international law, the relationship between international law and domestic law, the use of force, human rights law as well as the growing role of cities in international law. In this relation, he is a Co-Chair of the ILA Study Group on The Role of Cities in International Law (with Janne E. Nijman). His publications include Complicity and the Law of State Responsibility (CUP 2011), The Interpretation of International Law by Domestic Courts (OUP 2016, co-edited with Georg Nolte), Das Recht der globalen Stadt (Mohr Siebeck 2017), Encounters between Foreign Relations Law and International Law (CUP 2021, co-edited with Thomas Kleinlein) as well as the Research Handbook on International Law and Cities (Edward Elgar 2021, co-edited with Janne E. Nijman) which was awarded the 2022 ESIL Collaborative Book Prize.